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Over the last several decades Americans have taken increasing responsibility for managing their lifestyles, personal health and wellness.

Of course we seek professional medical care when necessary, but the growing awareness of how diet, exercise and personal habits impact our well-being, coupled with the explosive growth of readily-available health care information to consumers and the high cost of seeking professional health care means that today, physical health and wellness starts with us.

Recognizing that our physical health, and the health of our loved ones and families is of paramount importance, the Emeryville Chamber of Commerce has selected this component of our Healthy City Initiative Program as our focus for 2009-2010, and has devoted those to years to achieving the same level of recognition and credibility in Physical Health and Wellness as we have in Earthquake and Emergency Preparedness. This will be done through extensive linkages to credible organizations and associations that promote physical health and wellness, local health care providers who endorse the goals and aims of the Healthy City Initiative Program, and making the Emeryville Chamber of Commerce the central distribution point for a wide variety of high quality health care information – in both electronic and hard copy format – to everyone who lives in Healthy City Initiative territory.

We’re proud to have consummated Healthy City Initiative partnerships with a wide variety of credible health care providers and organizations, which collectively comprise the largest single percentage of our Healthy City Initiative membership and it is no coincidence that the keynote speakers at our Healthy City Initiative Expo I and Leadership Luncheon, Charlotte Dickson of the California Center for Public Health Advocacy, and long-time Bay Area fitness celebrity Joanie Greggains of KGO radio, are associated with physical health, exercise and leading a healthier lifestyle.

This is perhaps even more appropriate in the San Francisco Bay Area, where the love of the outdoors, an active lifestyle and early awareness of the detrimental effects of tobacco use have made our area a leader in health and physical wellness nationally.

Obesity is a major health care concern in America, especially among our youth, and as with many issues our overall health and physical condition impact more than just us. There are business impacts, impacts on our health care system and impacts on our schools. Accordingly, highlighting the need for awareness of the issues surrounding obesity and promoting preventative strategies will remain a strong focus within the Physical Health and Wellness component of the Chamber’s Healthy City Initiative Program.

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